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In case of loss of applicant’s mobile phone in Ujjain district


Mar 1, 2024

Ujjain Gulshan Paruthi:-The IT cell collects all the application forms for lost mobiles, after obtaining technical information, the lost mobiles are searched and recovered through the concerned police station. In the same sequence, the lost mobile phones of 161 applicants have been recovered by the IT cell and police station forces, showing activeness. Whose total price is around Rs 40,25,000.

By calling the actual mobile holders at the control room and handing over their lost mobiles, we have again brought smiles on the sad faces. In the year 2021 and 2022, a total of 49, 53, 120,119 lost mobile phones whose estimated value was around Rs 85,25,000 have been returned by the police to the mobile holders in the first, second, third and fourth phase respectively in the year 2021 and 2022.

In the year 2023, lost mobile phones worth approximately Rs 58,75,000 have been returned to 235 mobile owners.

Ujjain Police appeals to the general public of the district to complain about missing mobile phone in the concerned police station and submit the photocopy of the complaint and the photocopy of the mobile bill in the IT cell. If you find an unknown or unclaimed phone from any place, then immediately get information about its ownership and inform it and try to hand over the mobile phone or contact the nearest police station or IT office. Show that you are a responsible and civilized citizen by submitting it at Cell, Third Floor Police Control Room, Ujjain.

▪️Suggestions for general public –

  1. In case of loss of mobile phone, immediately get your SIM card deactivated from the concerned SIM operator and get another SIM card of the same number issued.
  2. Make sure to report lost mobile phone on the online CEIR portal of the Government of India (https://www.ceir.gov.in).
  3. Do not keep mobile phones in the upper pocket of shirt and back pocket of pants/jeans.
  4. If the mobile phone is lost, immediately logout all the accounts logged into the phone.
  5. Keep a secure lock/pattern lock on the mobile phone.
  6. Keep Find my device option on in the mobile phone.

▪️Commendable contribution
IT. The following officers and employees of Cell/Cyber Cell had special contribution: Sub Inspector Prateek Yadav, Sub Inspector Falguni Pal, Souni Ramprakash Bajpai, P.R. Rajpal Chandel, R Nitin, R Prince Chhabra, M.R Suryanshi Chauhan had special contributions.

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