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Big success of Mamta Primary School


Feb 27, 2024

News Gangakhed Rajkumar Munde:- Chief Minister Majhi Shukla Sunder Shukla participated in the innovative initiative of Maharashtra Government by Mamta Primary School. Cement benches, classroom decoration, vocational education for students, field trips for them, visit to Post Office Gangakhed, visit to State Bank of India, participation of students at departmental level with expertise in indigenous sports, various art displays, notebooks. This government activity was implemented very beautifully in the school through student and teacher workshop and presentation in various activities like school free school, plastic free campaign cleanliness ambassador, first aid box for students, tree friend and subject friend. The activity was carried out on a regular basis. After evaluating the activities implemented, the school got 1st rank from Gangakhed center and Gangakhed city and 2nd rank from Gangakhed taluka and the school qualified for the award. Smt. Chitratai Dudhate, Director of the organization Smt. Akshaytai Golegaonkar, Chairman Advisor to the Local Board of Directors. Yes. U Alanure, Secretary MK Chorghade Mama and Administrative Officer Mr. Girishbhaiya Solanke congratulated the Principal and all the teaching staff and students of the school and wished them all the best for future progress.

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