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A group of international journalists visited Indore’s Solid Waste Management Devguradiya Trenching Ground Plant and gave information about the city’s cleanliness campaign through presentation


Feb 23, 2024

Indore Geetkar Damodar Virmal: Public representatives and administrative officers from different states/cities of the country are coming to see the cleanliness and solid waste management of Indore city, which is number one in cleanliness for the seventh time. In this sequence, a team of international journalists today visited 400 TPD Mechanized MRF Plant, 550 TPD Bio CNG Plant, 100 TPD C & D Waste Processing Plant, Waste Biomediation Site and various plants located at Devguradia Treaching Ground under Solid Waste Management of Indore. Observation was done.

On the instructions of Commissioner Mrs. Harshika Singh, Additional Commissioner Mr. Divyank Singh, Mr. Abhilash Mishra gave detailed information about the cleanliness campaign of Indore through a presentation and told how earlier there used to be garbage bins at various places in Indore, in which the garbage was collected. There were heaps of garbage around the box. After this, under the cleanliness campaign, Indore started door to door garbage collection vehicles as a pilot project in the identified wards of the city, which are being monitored through GPS system, making Indore free from dustbins. All garbage collection vehicles are working in their work area on their scheduled route and time. How to make the city ODF free, first wet and dry waste is collected. Now 6 types of garbage are being collected every day on the lines of 6 bins. Detailed information was given regarding bag bank, utensil bank, disposal free area, zero waste event, zero waste wedding, drain cleaning campaign, drain cricket, drain medical checkup, drain football, drain dangal and other activities. Also, how is the waste collected from door to door waste collection vehicles being transported to the Garbage Waste Transfer Station, how is this segregated waste processed in the Decentralized Material Recovery Plant and Dry Waste Processing Plant, Compost Plant at the trenching ground. going.

Along with this, while giving detailed information about the biogas plant under construction in the trenching ground, he said that this is the biggest biogas CNG plant in Asia, where biogas is being produced from wet waste and is being used in public transport.

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