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The devotees do the work of collecting, the sacrificers do the work of leaving Sadhvi Urmila Kumari Masa


Feb 21, 2024

Jhabua Rahim Sherani Respected Shri Vidhan Vijay Ji M.S. Fourth Diksha Day was celebrated and Samayik and Gunanuvad Sabha was organised. Sadhvi Urmila Kumari Masa delivered sermons. In the end, on the completion of three years of initiation of Nandan Pujya Muniraj Shri Vidhan Vijayji MS of Jhabua, disciple of Most Revered Gachchadhipati Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad Vijay Jayanand Surishwar MS, distributed on behalf of Prabhavna Mehta family, Sakal Jain Shri Sangh A collective contemporary and qualitative meeting was organized in Shri Rajendra Suriposhadh Shala located at Shri Rishabhdev Bawan Zinalaya in Jhabua under the guidance of respected Mahashraman ji’s disciple Urmila Kumari ji etc. Thana-4.

On this occasion, revered Sadhvi Shri Urmila Kumari Ji Masa said that the indulgent person is engaged in accumulating whereas the sacrificing person is engaged in giving up. The world bows down before the one who has the spirit of sacrifice. You said that the one who has the spirit of sacrifice in his mind, his life becomes blissful. You said that the one with the power of the sword is defeated, but if the strength of the soul is developed then no one can help him. What cannot be defeated always wins. When the feeling of sacrifice comes in life then saintliness comes automatically.
A large number of community members were present here and approved the initiation day of Pujya Muniraj.
First of all, the chanting and invocation of Navkar Mantra was done by respected Sadhvi Shri. On this occasion, Shri Sangh President Manohar Bhandari said that respected Vidhan Vijayji Ma Sa, whose worldly name was Shashwat Ji Mehta and is the son of Sanjay Ji Mehta, has been taking initiation from the very beginning. The self-confidence remained strong and Drud was determined and the Mehta family of Jhabua was also blessed who gave permission to take initiation. Shri Praveen Runwal of Shri Vardhaman Sthanak Shri Sangh said that after taking initiation, Pujya Vidhan Vijayji Masa paved the way for salvation in his life. Shri Pankaj Kothari of Terapanth Sangh said that the path of restraint is a very difficult path and I wish that respected Vidhan Vijay Ji Masa should progress progressively in his life of restraint. On this occasion, Prabhavna was also distributed on behalf of the Mehta family. Senior devotees of Shwetambar Samaj, Sthanakavasi Samaj and Terapanth Samaj were present in the program. It was conducted by Dr. Pradeep Sanghvi and vote of thanks was accepted by Sanjay Mehta.

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