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GRP Training Session Inaugurated by Inspector General of Police, Madhya Pradesh, at Police Training College Indore


Feb 17, 2024

Bhopal Gulshan Paruthi Sudhir Kumar Shahi, Special Director General of Police, Railways, Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal, as per the instructions and under the guidance of Mrs. Nivedita Gupta, Superintendent of Police, Railway Indore, Government Railway Police, Madhya Pradesh. A total of 44 acting head constables of the three units of Bhopal, Jabalpur, and Indore have recently been promoted and are working as constables. To improve the working style and discharge of duties of those who have been promoted to the post of Head Constable, orientation training is being organized at the Police Training College, Indore. In this training, training on modern technical and scientific research like DNA, cybercrime, the advanced forensic tool e-Rakshak, etc. will also be given. This 15-day training session is being organized from February 16 to March 5, 2024. A total of 44 trainees have participated: 12 from GAP unit Indore, 22 from GRP unit Bhopal, and 10 from GRP unit Jabalpur. In the inauguration ceremony of the training, Mahendra Singh Sikarwar, Inspector General of Police, Railways, Madhya Pradesh,.

Bhopal was inaugurated in the dignified presence of. The Chief Guest explained the importance of the training and the purpose of the training and talked about the three new laws to be implemented: the health of employees, the behavior of police with common people, the need for technical education for employees, the history of the seat, the importance of the VCNB, the ICJS portal, etc. Brief information was given, and guidance was given on various topics related to the police department. Nivedita Gupta, Superintendent of Police, Railway Indore, gave information about the training sessions organized, highlighted the importance of training, and boosted the enthusiasm of the trainees. In the program, a brief introduction to the training was given by Rajendra Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Railway Indore, Saumya Jain, Att. The trainees were guided and encouraged by the Superintendent of Police, PTC, Indore. The stage was moderated by Uni (M) Poonam Sharma. Manisha Pathak Soni, Atti. The program was completed in the presence of the Superintendent of Police, Railway Indore, officials of PTC Indore, and officers and employees of GRP.

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