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Power of Youth Power of Nation

78 Thousands listened to Dr. Ramshankar Chanchal’s ‘Being Lonely’ and recited to thousands, the country’s timeless poem.


Feb 17, 2024

Jhabua Rahim Sherani the YouTube video of Dr. Ramshankar Chanchal, a literature seeker from Madhya Pradesh and a world renowned personality of new poetry and short stories in the country and the world, is heard and appreciated all over the world. Jhabua, this one of the backward region. He is a shocking name for the country, this literary seeker from the tribal backward area where anyone is made fun of while talking about literature and music, has today made Jhabua and Jhabua famous all over the world and in the country with his amazing continuous identity. Along with the district, Madhya Pradesh and the country have also been named, so far his only poem has been heard and appreciated by 78 thousands.

Getting amazing appreciation after listening to a video of a new poem on a serious subject like literature is a good sign for literature. It is also a matter of great pride for the new poetry and for the Jhabua backward area that this name has been engaged in the service of literature for years. He is the one who has really made the talent of hundreds of tomorrow’s young generation creative in literature in the literary world in the country today, through his years of hard work and dedication, and has given amazing recognition to many people. Truly, venerable. This is the pure thinking and action of Dr. Chanchal which has saved the past from becoming void of literature and has also enriched it with hundreds of creations.

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