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Parbhani Video and pictures during the movement Chakka Jam movement in Parbhani district, supporters of Maratha community took to the streets with bullock carts


Feb 16, 2024

Parbhani (Anil Shete) On Friday, on behalf of the entire Maratha community, Manoj Jarange Patil’s fast unto death was observed at various places in Parbhani district in support of the law to give reservation to the Maratha community. It continued till the Chakkajam movement. 5 o’clock. Chakkajam movement took place in Gangakhed, Parbhani, Sonpeth, Palam taluka.

At Antarwali Sarati in Jalna district, Manoj Jarange Patil has started a fast unto death to make a law to give reservation to Maratha community, to withdraw the crime against all the protesters. Blockade protests were held at various places. Due to this movement, traffic on the roads of rural areas including the highways was blocked. The entire Maratha community came out on the streets in Gangakhed city, Dutta Mandir, Khali, Padegaon, Valkhe Pokharni, Isad, Khandali, Ranisavargaon, Suppa, Dharkhed, Palam, Sonpeth, Parbhani, Gangakhed. During this protest, all traffic was stopped as the protesters stood on the road with bullock carts. During this, loud slogans were raised against the state government and state cabinet ministers.

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