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‘Japanese fever’ vaccine will be administered in Indore district from 27 February 2024


Feb 16, 2024

Indore Geetkar Damodar Virmal: The health department is going to write another new chapter in the field of children’s health. To protect children from ‘Japanese fever’, another new vaccine is being added to the vaccination schedule from 27 February 2024, that is J.E. (Japanese encephalitis).

This campaign will be started in four districts of the state including Indore. Which includes Bhopal, Sagar and Narmadapuram along with Indore. Before this, this campaign has been run in Vidisha and Raisen districts. Where now this vaccine is being given even in regular vaccination. Most cases of ‘Japanese fever’ have been reported from Uttar Pradesh. Cases of ‘Japanese fever’ have also been reported in Madhya Pradesh. Under the campaign, this vaccine will be administered to children in the age group of 01 to 15 years. As the name suggests, it is Japanese Encephalitis. When infected, the child experiences tremors, unconsciousness and in extreme cases, even death.

The safest way to avoid this viral disease is vaccination. Initially vaccination will be done at the community level at all the vaccination centers and then this vaccine will be added to the regular vaccination schedule. Along with this, earlier children were protected from 11 diseases through vaccination, which will now increase to 12 diseases.
An appeal has been made to all the family members to keep their children aged between 1 to 15 years safe from this disease. Be sure to get vaccinated.

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