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Driver of uncontrolled bus collided with Vajra vehicle.


Feb 16, 2024

Dabra Gwalior Pavan Paruthi After that, the uncontrolled bus broke the railing of the over bridge and ran on a two-wheeler, a major accident was averted. The cause of the bus accident is said to be brake failure.

Dabra/ Today on Friday, at around 11:35 in the morning, an uncontrolled and speeding bus first hit the Vajra vehicle near the overbridge Kataria intersection due to which the police Vajra vehicle was damaged and after that the uncontrolled bus reached under the overbridge and stopped before the Agrasen intersection. It broke the railing of the over bridge and ran over a two wheeler due to which the railing of the over bridge broke and the two wheeler was completely damaged. It was fortunate that no one was sitting near the over bridge or there was no vehicle coming from the front. Due to which a major accident was averted. The lack of control of the bus is being said to be a major reason for the brake failure. The bus driver fled from the spot. After some time, police reached the spot and efforts are being made to remove the damaged bus.

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