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Campus to Corporate Mastering the ABC Workshop organized at Prestige Management and Research Institute Gwalior


Feb 16, 2024

Gwalior Gulshan Paruthi Campus to Corporate: Mastering the A.B.C. by People Earth HR Club on 16 February 2024 at Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior. A workshop was organized on the topic. The main objective of this workshop was to tell the students of Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior about the importance of soft skills and how to use them. Addressing the students, Dr. Nishant Joshi, Director of the Institute, said that soft skills are of paramount importance for students to move forward in life, as these skills complement technical knowledge with interpersonal abilities important for success in the professional world. Through this, students develop communication skills, adaptability and emotional intelligence that enable managers to overcome challenges and interact efficiently with customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Dr. Tarika Singh Sikarwar, Co-Director of the Institute, while explaining the importance of soft skills to the students, said that effective communication, leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills are indispensable to deal with complex situations and promote collaboration in a dynamic business environment. Is. Dr. Priya Arora, the resource person of this workshop, told the students ways to develop soft skills to become campus to corporate ready. He told that through this, students can effectively prepare their soft skills by focusing on the areas of communication, teamwork, time-management, adaptability, problem solving, networking, emotional intelligence, professionalism, continuous learning and self-confidence. Can be ready for the corporate world.

This workshop is People Earth HR. People HR of Club Prestige Management and Research Institute. Organized by the club. During this time H.R. Club coordinator cum professor Isha Gole said that this workshop was conducted for the students to develop their soft skills for the corporate world. He said that these skills will help the students to move forward in leadership roles, bring innovation and promote positive organizational culture. He told that 300 students of the institute participated enthusiastically in this workshop. During the workshop, Dr. Garima Mathur, Dr. Richa Banerjee, Dr. Amrapali Sapra and Associate Professor Bharti Gole were present.

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