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The injured person was admitted to the hospital and got treated.


Feb 15, 2024

Indore Tahir Kamaal Siddiuqi Religion does not teach hatred towards each other and human service is the supreme religion. Keeping these mottos in mind, the members of Human Rights and Crime Control Organization showed amazing spirit of service. The self-serving members of the organization took the injured person named Ramraj Verma, who was lying unconscious in abandoned condition, to the hospital and got him treated. Organization’s Western Region Women’s Cell President Sana Khan received a call from the street of Ganesh Cap Mart in Rajwada that an injured person was lying abandoned in the street. The one who has been abandoned by his family members, whose both legs have rotted due to gangrene disease, when Sana Khan told this to the city president of the organization, Salim Shaikh, about the injured victim. Salim Shaikh, who does service and charity work with the passion to continue benefiting the people, immediately reached the given address in his Fortuner car along with media in-charge Anil Sen. Then they took the injured victim and informed him at MG Road police station and completed the paperwork. From where the victim was immediately admitted to the emergency ward of MY Hospital and treatment was started. He said that after the treatment, the injured victim Ramraj Verma will be shifted to a good old age home after his recovery. The cooperation of the organization’s Farida Khan, social worker Jew Joshi and Karim Pathan was also commendable in this service work.

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