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Chief Minister Dr. Yadav congratulated the Rajya Sabha candidates of Madhya Pradesh announced by BJP


Feb 15, 2024

Bhopal Gulshan Paruthi Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has welcomed the announcement of the names of four candidates nominated by BJP for Rajya Sabha from Madhya Pradesh and has congratulated and congratulated these candidates as deserving candidates. He has also thanked the central leadership.
Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that among the candidates announced today, all four candidates are capable candidates of their respective areas. Umesh Nath Ji Maharaj of Ujjain is quite famous. He is respected in other societies including Valmiki Samaj. His social contribution is also important. He has worked to end social evils like untouchability. Similarly, Dr. L. Murugan of Tamil Nadu is a Union Minister, the organization gave him an opportunity in the past also. He is of great height. He has been given another opportunity.

Another candidate from Madhya Pradesh, Shri Bansilal Gurjar has been selected who has been associated with local bodies including Mandi. He has also been raising his voice for the farming class. OBC leader Smt. Maya Narolia, resident of Narmadapuram, who was associated with the Mahila Morcha organization, is also included among the candidates. Prime Minister Shri Modi has taken women leadership forward. For this reason their selection is important. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, while congratulating the candidates, said that all four candidates will file nomination tomorrow. It is hoped that his election will give Madhya Pradesh the strength to raise its voice in the Rajya Sabha in Delhi. A new political life will begin for all of them and all will successfully complete their tenure in the Rajya Sabha.

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