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Munavvar Saheb’s departure is an irreparable loss to poetry.


Feb 14, 2024

Indore Geetkar Damodar Virmaal The credit for taking poetry and ghazal out of the realm of love, affection and romantic mood and bringing it to the mother goes to the famous poet Munawwar Rana. Munawwar Saheb not only wrote poetry in honor of his mother but also wrote top class poetry on home, family, relationships and the country. Munawwar Saheb had expertise in presenting the picture of the life of the common man by simplifying the ghazal. The above views were expressed by the city’s senior ghazal writer Balkaram ji Shad in a literary event.

Literary and social organization Nai Qalam organized a special poetry symposium to pay tribute to Munawwar Rana Saheb. Many writers from Indore and Mhow read their works in the poetry symposium. In the poetry seminar, Sukhpreet Singh Sukhi, Pawan Joshi, Yash Kaushal, Dr. Vimal Kumar Saxena, Prem Sagar, Dr. Kiran Panchal, Sapna Sahu, Vishal Sharma, Atish Indori, Rakhi Jain, Subhash Gaurav, Neeraj Sharma, Damodar Virmal, Shruti Mukhiya, Shivani Shan recited poetry. Chairman, senior ghazal writer Balkaram ji, may he remain married. Poet Hemant Vyas, lyricist Santosh Tripathi and lyricist Vinod Singh Gurjar were present as special guests. It was conducted by poet Jitendra Raj. The Vice President of the organization poet Vinod Humul expressed his gratitude.

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