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Feb 13, 2024

Gulshan Paruthi Rising unemployment, broken promises, cherished crimes, erosion of democracy. Youth Congress surrounded the assembly in protest against
The voice of the opposition was suppressed with water cannons and tear gas shells.
BJP cannot crush Congress for the rights of the people.
Will continuously protest on the streets: Jitu Patwari
BJP government should provide employment to youth as per its announcement: Jitu Patwari
There should be a yearning among the youth that Congress government should be formed in 2028: Jitu Patwari
Youth should take to the streets to save democracy in the country: Srinivas B.V.
This is a government of slogans, does not want to give any guarantee: Umang Singar
Mr. Jeetu Patwari, Mr. B.V. Congress including Srinivas, Dr. Vikrant Bhuria
Police arrested hundreds of leaders and workers

Bhopal, 13 February 2024

Madhya Pradesh Congress President Shri Jitu Patwari said that the police of Mohan Yadav government resorted to lathicharge, released tear gas shells and arrested the protesters on the peaceful demonstration by the Youth Congress against the issue of unemployed youth, atrocities against women, increasing crime and non-promises of the government. This is a shameful and cowardly act of the Mohan Yadav government. On one hand, the government is not fulfilling the promises made by it, while on the other hand, it is continuously taking anti-people decisions and resorting to repression when people protest. We had given the government time to work, but the government could not fulfill its promises, so now this repressive Opposition to the government’s decisions is necessary.
Shri Patwari said that the cowardly behavior done by the police-administration at the behest of the BJP government along with thousands of workers gathered in this demonstration organized by the leadership of National President of Youth Congress Shri BB Srinivas and State President Shri Vikrant Bhuria, is telling. That the government has no answers to the questions of the citizens of the state, along with this, injuring more than 50 of our leaders and workers through lathi charge and arresting hundreds of workers shows the nervousness of this government.
Shri Patwari said that in the interests of the citizens of the state, whether they are youth, women, farmers, unemployed, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, backward or poor, the Congress Party continuously works to raise the voice of all of them from the streets to the House. Will remain and will force the non-promising government to keep its promise.

Shri Patwari said that unemployment is at its peak in Madhya Pradesh, crimes are increasing under the protection of the government, the situation of inflation is such that people’s backs are breaking. BJP’s resolution letter has proved to be merely cosmetic. The state is already number one in women harassment. Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress along with thousands of workers surrounded the Legislative Assembly in Bhopal today to wake up the government from its slumber.
Shri Patwari said that National President of Youth Congress Srinivas B.V. The police tried unsuccessfully to encircle the Assembly by barricading it in the presence of the State Youth Congress. Youth Congress workers marched from State Congress Committee Link Road towards Chhatrapati Shivaji (1250) intersection for gherao, the police force already present there in large numbers tried to stop them. Youth Congress tried to break the barricades installed there, there was a scuffle with the police and they also used force. But enthusiastic Youth Congress workers climbed the barricades. To disperse the workers, the police first used water cannon. The workers were demanding to go to the assembly building, then the police force released tear gas shells and used force. Even after this the workers did not agree, they said that the educated unemployed in the state should be given employment or arrested.
Jitu Patwari said in his address that there should be a yearning in all of you for Congress to form the next government in Madhya Pradesh, for this you should have a curiosity in your mind to strengthen Congress every moment. The budget was read like Ramayana and Mahabharata in the House. In the resolution letter, BJP had promised that farmers’ produce would be purchased at support price, what is happening? The government cannot do it. We will go to every village and protest for this.
Shri Patwari said that he had to bow down to the insistence of the Youth Congress. Later, the police arrested Youth Congress National President Srinivas B.V., Youth Congress State President and MLA Dr. Vikrant Bhuria, Youth Congress state in-charge Akhilesh Yadav, Bhopal City President Praveen Saxena and several dozen officials and workers of Youth Congress. The police arrested and took all of them to Central Jail, Congress strongly condemns this.
National President Srinivas B.V. While addressing, he said that Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country where the government is ruining the future of educated youth by legalizing online gaming instead of providing employment to the youth. You said that Youth Congress should now take to the streets to save democracy in the country. The Madhya Pradesh government is running away from the promises of its own manifesto.
While addressing the All India Congress Committee member, former minister Kamleshwar Patel said that the Modi government at the Center is making the educated youth of the country fry pakodas in the name of employment. You are the soldiers of Rahul Gandhi, if you all are determined then BJP is not going to survive anywhere.

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