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For years, literature seeker, Dr. Chanchal found solace by presenting the pictures of Mother Saraswati


Feb 13, 2024

Jhabua Rahim Sherani Dr. Ram Shankar Chanchal, literary scholar of Madhya Pradesh, lives his life doing hundreds of works, which inspires the society and takes the future in the right direction, one of them is Basant Panchami every year. Dr. Chanchal, who has gifted the picture of Maa Saraswati to many schools for years, while registering his presence in the Maa Saraswati Puja Archana of Basant Panchami being held at Ved Kala Mandir this year, presented a very beautiful picture of Maa Sharda Devi to the children there. Throwing light on the importance of mother and praying to Mother for all, this time, he always remained happy by publishing with importance and giving energy to the works of his friends and all the litterateurs who give amazing respect to literature. Felt happy while presenting the picture of Mother Sharda Devi to my friend Rinku Runwal along with his close friend Vaibhav Sodani. Truly, where are such literature seekers in the country today who never take anything from writing and never give anything and feel happy after getting it published? They believe that it is the worship and worship of Mother Saraswati where there is only emotion and action which is a welfare factor for all human beings which along with the importance of education of writing is helpful in showing the right path to the society and the country. Has nothing to do with!

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