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Power Yoga Workshop Training for Agriculture College Students


Feb 12, 2024

Indore (Tahir Kamal Siddiqui) Under the aegis of Abhinandan program, a 3-day workshop training program of Power Yoga was organized for the students at Agriculture College, Indore. Physical exercise is very important for the progress and all-round development of students. Power Yoga training was given by Rajni Khaitan. The program was designed.

Dr. Swati Barche, Dr. R.K. Singh were given the responsibility to make the felicitation program successful in Agriculture College, Indore. Dr. H.L. Khapediya and Dr. Sunil Narwaria helped in completing all the programs as per the outline. The program was conducted by Dr. Swati Barche. Instructor Rajni Khaitan was welcomed by the students. At the end of the program, vote of thanks was given by Dr. RK Singh. Yoga is for both body and mind, hence Yoga makes the body strong as well as mentally, this idea was expressed by Rajni Khaitan while doing yoga asanas. Information about the said felicitation ceremony was sent by Dr. Sunil Narwariya.

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