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Elections of Indore division and districts of Srishti Seva Sankalp were completed in the Indore division workers meeting held in Khedighat


Feb 12, 2024

Indore Tahir Kamal Siddiqui “Srishti Seva Sankalp” elections of Indore division and district were concluded in the divisional workers meeting held at Khedighat (Barwah). In which Puneet Patel has been elected Indore Divisional Tree Principal, Ajay Tiwari Indore District Tree Principal and Varun Sharma has been elected Burhanpur District Tree Principal. Division Vrikshacharya announced Indore division executive. Atul Vyas (Indore) has been appointed as divisional coordinator, Arpit Jaiswal (Indore) as divisional contact chief, Swapnil Tiwari (Khargone) as divisional publicity head and Jitendra Gore (Indore) as divisional fund chief. Indore District Executive was also announced. In which Bipin Gupta District Convenor, Vipin Vajpayee District Co-convenor, Nishank Singhai District Publicity Head, Gaurav Jain District Contact Head, Rajveer Dhakad District Fund Head, Prakash Tripathi Student Head, District Women’s Work Coordinator Mrs. Rekha Tiwari, Ranjit unit coordinator Nimesh Mehta, Dewas Naka unit coordinator Dinesh Roy, MR-10 unit coordinator Trilokchandra Gehlot, SGSITS unit coordinator Anshul Mishra, Saver unit coordinator Arvind Rathod were appointed.

Along with this, Burhanpur District Executive was also announced. In which Kushal Bhagat was appointed as District Convener, Yogesh Suralkar as District Publicity Chief, Kiran Mahajan as District Publicity Chief, Mayank Patel as District Contact Chief. In the meeting, an exhibition of the programs completed in the last year in various units of Indore division was also organized. Which was appreciated by everyone. The divisional workers meeting was started by worshiping the tree. In the inaugural session, the famous storyteller and classical musician Swami Muralidhar Maharaj, manager and Mahant of Shrireva Bhagirathi Desi Gaurakshala, Swami Hariomanand Maharaj, who has been a preacher of the Sangh for 30 years and is currently the guide of “Srishti Seva Sankalp” received the guidance of Pramod Jha Bhaisaab. Organizer and propagator of “Srishti Seva Sankalp” Prashant Gupta and State Executive Member Shri Vipin Sugandhi presented the organizational topic among the workers. In the concluding session, Vrikshacharya of Indore division, Puneet Patel and the guide of Srishti Seva Sankalp, Pramod Jha addressed the workers.

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