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Dacoits will not be saved, police took charge


Feb 12, 2024

Indore Gulshan Paruthi ADCP Zone 2 Amarendra Singh, ACP Kundan Mandloi and TI KP Yadav have taken charge of the robbery that took place in Kanada police station area on Saturday day and night. As soon as the news of the robbery was received, ACP Kundan Mandloi, TI KP Yadav and ADCP Amarendra Singh reached the spot. The special thing was that during this time, ACP Kundan Mandloi not only talked to the victim lawyer Dangi family but also consoled them. After this, he discussed with the area residents and assured that the dacoits will be caught as soon as possible.

It is noteworthy that late on Saturday night, seven miscreants had raided the house of lawyer Dangi in Sector B of New Tilak Nagar Extension Colony of Kanada police station area. After opening the door by putting their hands through the window, the miscreants entered the house and upon waking up, pointed their weapons at Maya Dangi, wife of lawyer Dangi. Took his Mangal Sutra from his neck. When son Lalit woke up, he was attacked with a stick. Her husband was also attacked with a stick. Hearing the screams, the elder son Pradeep, who was sleeping with his wife in the back room, woke up. During this time the dacoits also attacked the youngest son Ajay. The miscreants, armed with weapons, opened Godrej’s lock and broke the locker while threatening them, took out ₹ 25,000 in cash, jewellery, earrings and ran away threatening them. As soon as the news was received, Khajrana ACP Kundan Mandloi was the first to reach the spot.

He not only consoled the Dangi family but also said that whoever the culprit was, he would be arrested as soon as possible. He talked about installing CCTV cameras in the colony with public cooperation. Also told that they always remained alert and joined the city security committee. He also said that along with the police station in-charge, his and BIT police personnel’s numbers will also be written at various places in the area so that in case of any untoward incident, they can immediately inform the police.

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