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Prime Minister Modi held a huge public meeting in Jhabua and gifted development works worth crores of rupees to the state.


Feb 11, 2024

Jhabua Rahim Sherani When Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi passed through the people present at the Tribal Mahasammelan in Gopalpura in Jhabua in an open jeep and reached the venue of the meeting, the entire pandal was echoing with the slogans of Modi-Modi. The President of Rashtriya Tribal Morcha welcomed the Prime Minister wearing a turban and Jhuldi.

Madhya Pradesh BJP gave the momentum of Ram’s name to Prime Minister Modi and also gifted an arrow and bow as a gift.
Madhya Pradesh SC ST Morcha President Kalsingh Bhabar started his speech with welcome address Kurrati. Kalsingh Bhabar welcomed the Prime Minister in tribal language. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Jhabua that when Congress is in power, it loots, when it is out of power, it makes people fight.
Loot and division, this is the oxygen of Congress. In the tribal conference, he claimed that BJP alone is getting 370 seats. Congress was voted off in 2023, its wipeout is certain in 2024.

The Prime Minister said that from the results of the Assembly in Madhya Pradesh, you have already told what your mood is going to be for the Lok Sabha, hence this time the big leaders of the opposition have already started saying in the Parliament – 400 will be crossed in 2024, then Once Modi government. Before this, the Prime Minister rode on a chariot at the meeting venue and greeted the people.

A temporary gallery was built at the meeting venue for the Prime Minister’s road show.
He laid the foundation stone of development projects worth Rs 7550 crore. Inaugurated some projects. Laid the foundation stone of Tantya Mama Bhil University to be built at a cost of Rs 170 crore in Khargone from Jhabua itself.

PM Modi will gift development works worth Rs 7500 crore in Jhabua

Laying of foundation stone of CM Rise School in Jhabua, foundation stone of re-development of Meghnagar and Ratlam railway stations. Rs. 25.18 crores were given for the re-development of Meghnagar platform. Food subsidy of Rs 1500 to 2 lakh women of ST category. Distribution of monthly installment.
Distribution of rights records to 1.75 lakh beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Swamvit Yojana. Rs 170 crore in Khargone. Foundation stone of Tantya Mama Bhil University to be established at a cost of Rs. Transfer of funds to more than 550 villages under Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana. Launched drinking water supply scheme for more than one thousand villages of Dhar-Ratlam.

10 special things about Modi’s speech

The Prime Minister said that Modi has not come for the Lok Sabha campaign. Modi has come as a servant to express the gratitude of the people of Madhya Pradesh in the form of God. Madhya Pradesh has already told that the herb to get more votes beyond 400 in 2024: The lotus symbol alone will cross the mark of 370 in the Lok Sabha elections. How will you do this? I’ll give you an herb. You have to do only one thing from here. Find out how many votes were cast on the lotus in your polling booth in the last three elections. Write down that in the last three elections, the highest number of votes were received at this polling booth. Then you decide that this time 370 new votes should be added to the maximum votes received in the booth. That means we have to get 370 more votes than the previous one.

Annihilation of Congress is certain in 2024:

PM said that Congress was defeated in the 2023 assembly elections, its annihilation is certain in 2024. Congress has only one job – hate, hate and hate.

Guarantee of respect for tribal society:

For us, tribal society is not a vote bank but the pride of the country. Your respect and development is Modi’s guarantee. The dreams of children and youth are Modi’s resolve.

Promise to educate daughters:

When I was the 4th Chief Minister of Gujarat, I used to go from door to door asking people to give me a promise in alms that they will educate their daughter. 40-45 degree temperature, hot winds, I used to go to small villages in the forest of Dahod next to Jhabua and take the daughters to school by holding their fingers.

Bimaru made Madhya Pradesh developed:

For us, it is not your votes but your life that matters. I started the sickle cell campaign for the lives of tribals. It is the result of our intentions that we have transformed Madhya Pradesh from a sick state to a developed state.

Priority of deprived-backward government:

The most deprived and most backward people in the country are given priority in our government. who were the poorest,
Today, first of all the government makes schemes for them. How to ask for votes against Modi? Local Congress leaders have also started asking the party high command that if we go to ask for votes against Modi, which way should we go? The poor people are in trouble. Congress’s oxygen-robbing and disunity: ‘Congress is trapped in the mire of its sins. The more you try to get out, the more you will sink.
Loot and disunity, this is the oxygen of Congress. Special attention to modern infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh: ‘Our government is paying special attention to modern infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh.
We are sending 24 times more money to Madhya Pradesh than what Madhya Pradesh got for the development of railways in the 10 years of Congress. Prime Minister’s speech ended with the praise of Bharat Mata
Prime Minister Modi got down from the stage
A huge crowd gathered to hear and see Modi…

Thousands of tribal people groups were present along with ministers and leaders.

In the tribal conference, Union Minister Arjun Munda, Fagan Singh Kulaste, Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangu Bhai Patel, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, BJP State President V.D. Sharma, State Women and Child Development Minister Ms. Nirmala Bhuria, Forest Minister Nagar Singh Chauhan was present.

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