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Parbhani – Babasaheb Jamge Photo


Feb 11, 2024

Parbhani (Anil Shete) In Parbhani Lok Sabha constituency, BJP regional member Babasaheb Jamge worked hard for 9 years to take the policies of BJP and the schemes brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the welfare of the people to the grassroots level people. Grassroots level. Due to his social work, lakhs of voters are standing in his support. If BJP makes Babasaheb Jamge the candidate for Parbhani Lok Sabha seat, voters are reacting that he will definitely win.

Parbhani Lok Sabha seat is favorable for BJP. With the support of Mitra Party, this seat is likely to be lost from BJP’s hands. Among the leaders of the district, Babasaheb Jamge is known as a serious and dutiful leader. Babasaheb Jamge is considered an almighty all-rounder because of his honesty, determination, perseverance, social work. A loyal leader, visionary of development, struggler for the welfare of the people, Babasaheb Jamge has a huge number of admirers. His supporters are in every voter center. He worked to take BJP to rural areas. The schemes brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi are for public welfare and he worked eighteen hours of duty to take its benefits to the last mile. If BJP makes him a candidate in this Lok Sabha elections then he is ready to contest the elections. If BJP declares Baba Saheb Jamge as its candidate then his victory is certain. Voters will celebrate the victory.
Bharatiya Janata Party and Mitra Party have the maximum strength in Parbhani Lok Sabha constituency. People have liked the work of BJP and the developmental vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This opinion was expressed by BJP state member Babasaheb Jamge.

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