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Gangakhed – Overcrowded Panand Road This photo is in the category of Gadi Road, Panand Road, Shiv Road, Overcrowded Road


Feb 11, 2024

Parbhani (Anil Shete) In Gangakhed taluka, rural and urban roads, Panand roads, Shivrasta are encroached upon, and there is no road available to reach the fields in the rural area. The encroachers are merging the roads with fields and farming is being done on these roads. Some encroached roads have become narrow. Traffic has become difficult due to encroachment on the road. The encroachers are not ready to leave the road. Incidents of fighting for the road are taking place in the fields and villages.

In the past, the roads passing through the village were safe. As agricultural divisions were created, roads were swallowed up. In the past, village dignitaries, Sarpanch, Police Patil, Gram Panchayat took initiative to keep the roads safe and asked the encroachers. It was a big society which listened to a respected person. Because of this there was no encroachment of the road. However, in recent times, everyone thinks about the road that passes through them. Farmland is their property right, and there is a tendency to mix this road with agricultural farming. It is happening that Shivrasta is promoting encroachment. Village level roads are being evicted because it is the patrons of Konya’s political leaders who receive ownership rights on the land that has gone from farming. The officers and employees of the Sub-Divisional Revenue Office are showing indifference in vacating the encroached rural road, farm road, carriage road, Panand Road, Shivrastha. In this apathy, it is necessary to hold the officers and employees responsible for road fares in rural areas guilty and register a case against them. There are angry reactions that the sub-divisional revenue office will wake up.

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