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4 day program of Brahma Kumaris concluded


Feb 11, 2024

Press release
10 February 2024

Gwalior Sandeep Shukla Those who are getting God’s love are very fortunate. Therefore, always remember that no one is as lucky as us. God has given all the treasures to all of us, the treasure of knowledge, the treasure of virtues, the treasure of powers, the treasure of happiness, we just have to know how to use them. Those who are able to use these treasures on time live life beautifully. And the way to increase these treasures is that the more you share, the more it will increase. Start sharing what you want, if you want happiness then share happiness, if you want respect give respect to everyone, if you want love then treat everyone lovingly. It is the rule of the world that you will get what you give, Rajyogini BK Usha didi said before leaving while addressing everyone at the Prabhu Uphaar Bhawan Madhoganj center of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya.

Didi further said that in life, always keep in mind how our words are, whatever we speak should give sweetness to others, no word should be spoken which will give sorrow to others. If you want to create a good environment inside the house, then read and meditate on the teachings of imbibing divine qualities every day. If there is laziness and carelessness in our life, then we will not be able to do any work in a better way. Whatever thoughts come to our mind comes into action, hence always bring only good thoughts in our mind because the same waves spread around us also. Therefore, we should pay attention to the fact that the environment around us becomes good and for that, always think positive.

If you meet anyone, meet him as if he is a member of your family because everyone is a child of God Shiva. That’s why everyone is brother to each other. Keep within yourself the feeling of unlimitedness towards everyone, not only the welfare of my family members or mine, but have the feeling that if there is welfare of all then I and my family will also be included in it. Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiv Baba does welfare of everyone and we being His children. We should also have a sense of welfare towards everyone. He further said that the foundation in the path of spirituality should be solid then the journey of life becomes pleasant. We who listen to knowledge here or practice yoga (meditation). Implement it in practical life then you will have beautiful experiences. Didi said that one is to listen, second is to understand and third is to become the embodiment, if you become the embodiment then you will get everyone’s blessings.

At the end of the program, BK Adarsh Didi honored Rajyogini BK Usha Didi and all her friends from Mount Abu, BK Annu sister, BK Raghu Bhai, BK Mukesh Bhai, BK Prasad Bhai, BK Pradeep Bhai and also expressed gratitude to everyone. And also requested to visit Gwalior again for such an event in future. On this occasion BK Dr. Gurcharan Singh, BK Prahlad, BK Jyoti sister, BK Mahima sister, BK Jeetu, BK Pawan, BK Lakshmi, BK Arun, BK Surbhi BK Roshni, BK Karthik, BK Saurabh, BK Vijendra, BK Sanjay, Gajendra Arora. . Many people including him were present.

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image-52-1024x768 4 day program of Brahma Kumaris concluded

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