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Training workshop on stress management was organized for officers/employees of Indore Police. Police personnel learned psychological methods to reduce stress in life


Feb 10, 2024

Indore Pavan Paruthi 09 February 2024- Due to the challenging duty of the police department along with not being able to find time for themselves and their family and the pressure of discharging social responsibilities, many times policemen also become stressed. To solve this problem, Police Commissioner, Urban Indore Shri Makrand Deuskar and others. Under the direction of Police Commissioner, Indore, Mr. Manoj Kumar Srivastava and under the guidance of Mr. Jagdish Dawar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Headquarters, a seminar was organized today for training of psychological methods for understanding the causes of stress and its proper management for the police personnel of Indore Police. Held on 09.02.2024 in the auditorium of the Police Commissioner’s office.

In the said training seminar organized to relieve the stress of police personnel, Dr. Abhilasha Dwivedi, Spiritual Coach and Vedic Healer, International Life Coach (IPLT), who is currently associated with the Ministry of Education and is also a member of the NEP Curriculum Committee, gave advice to the police officers and employees posted in the office on how to manage stress. Provided training for this.

Dr. Abhilasha ji told everyone that in today’s fast-paced life, we all have to struggle between different responsibilities, needs and pressures at home and work. Sometimes these needs, pressures and responsibilities seem overwhelming and too complex which gives us anxiety and stress. This is why we feel stressed. Prolonged stress is harmful for our body as well as mental health.
He said that the duty of police is very challenging, so we cannot completely change or control the situation around us, but in that situation, we can change our perspective to see it and take decisions on it. Can change based on thinking. For this, keeping in mind the importance of managing stress and unnecessary thoughts in life, he gave various tips to work and also, if ever there is stress on something, how to get yourself out of it, he explained the psychological methods in a practical way. Training was also given.

To provide important and useful training in stress management to the police personnel through the said seminar. Deputy Commissioner of Police Headquarters, Smt. Seema Alava, guest Dr. Abhilasha Dwivedi ji was thanked and also told all the colleagues that they will try to implement the tips and information given by her for stress management in their lives.

In the said seminar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) Smt. Seema Alava, Att. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Women Safety) Mrs. Priyanka Dudve, Superintendent of Police Indore Zone Mrs. Shakuntala Ruhal, DPO Mrs. Anita Shukla, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Women Safety/HQ) Mrs. Apoorva Kiledar, Assistant Commissioner of Police (AJAC) Urban Indore Mrs. Sonu Dabar, Station Incharge (Ajak) Officers and employees of the Police Commissioner’s office including Mrs. Ranjana Gokhale participated and took advantage of this training and resolved to adopt the methods and tips given for stress management in their lives.

The operation of the program is very Deputy Commissioner of Police Smt. Priyanka Dudve and in the end everyone was thanked.

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