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The Need and Benefits of Future Trading, Price Rise Seminar on Management and Delivery Solutions was organized


Feb 10, 2024

Gwalior Gulshan Paruthi A seminar on “The Need and Benefits of Future Trading, Price Rise Management and Delivery Solutions” was organized at Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior, dated 9-02-2024. The research was organized by the Pharma Club of Prestige Management and Research Institute. . The main objective of this seminar was to provide information to all the students of the institute about safe trading in stock market, derivative market and commodity market and how to manage the risks while trading. The keynote speaker of the seminar, Mr. Nitesh Bhadanari, MD, MD&T was present and he explained how to avoid market risks in today’s time as well as what can be done to reduce the trading risks using the online portal of MD&T.

The keynote speaker of the seminar, Mr. Gaurav Kaushik (TTE) was present and he explained in detail about the main points keeping in mind the securities can be bought and sold in this market and how the risks arising in this market can be reduced. Told in advance. Director of the institute, Dr. Nishant Joshi told that through trading all the students can improve their future because through trading we can start our own start-up and by doing trading management we can easily overcome the upcoming risks and he said That in the present time, MMTH has its own utility in which students can join and take charge of their future. Co-Director of the Institute, Dr. Tarika Singh Sikarwar told that today trading holds an important place in the lives of all of us, due to which the era of our society can use trading to solve the problems arising in price management and its management. She told that in this way the seminar Our institute has been doing and will continue to contribute towards making the future of the students bright. More than 198 students of the institute participated in the seminar and certificates were given to all the present participants. The coordinator of this seminar is Dr. Amitabh Maheshwari and co-coordinating assistant professor Sugandha Mudrilli were present and other faculty members of the institute were also present. regards Dr. Nishant Joshi director

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