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Process of resolving cases on the terms of the parties, in which the role of trained mediators is important – Principal District Judge Shri Gupta


Feb 10, 2024

Gwalior (Gulshan Paruthi) 45 lawyers took 40 hours of training in the mediators training program organized at Hotel Radiance. Mediators is a modern, simple and fair process of resolving the cases on the terms of the parties. In this process, trained lawyers are able to reach a mutual agreement between the two parties. The role of mediators is important. It is hoped that the 45 mediators trained through the mediation training program will prove the usefulness of this training by providing positive support in resolving cases through mediation under the alternative dispute resolution system in Gwalior. The above views are expressed by the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee, Supreme Court, New Delhi ( Principal District Judge and Chairman District Legal Services Authority Gwalior Shri PC Gupta expressed.

On this occasion, batch-1 trainers Mrs. Neena Khare and Mr. Ashok Kumar Rai and batch-2 trainers Mrs. Giribala Singh and Mr. Shahid Mohammed, Chief Judicial Magistrate Mr. Nitin Kumar Mujalda, District Registrar Mr. Varun Sharma, of MCPC Supreme Court New Delhi were present. Municipal Corporation Magistrate Mr. Jitendra Sharma, District Legal Aid Officer Mr. Deepak Sharma along with advocates undergoing mediation training and employees of the District Legal Services Authority were present. In the program, the MCPC trainers and the lawyers undergoing training also shared their experiences. At the conclusion of the program, the MCPC trainers were honored by presenting mementos to the District Legal Services Authority, Gwalior and the trained advocates. Batch-1 of Mediation Training Program included Mr. Gajendra Singh Gurjar, Mr. Shyam Sharma, Mr. Nitin Agarwal, Mr. Sanjay Shukla, Mr. Vinod Pathak, Mr. Girja Shankar Sharma, Mr. Krishna Gopal Singh Kushwaha, Mr. Md. Aslam Khan, Mrs. Pushpa Bohre, Mr. Govind Singh Chauhan, Mr. Saurabh Mishra, Mrs. Anuradha Vyas, Ms. Shilpa Dogra, Mr. Aishwarya Joshi, Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain, Mr. Ejaz Gauri, Mr. Rajendra Singh Yadav, Mr. Sunil Kumar Dubey, Mr. Satyendra Kumar Srivastava, Smt. Sangeeta Pachauri, Dr. Ramveer Singh Chauhan and Mr. Neeraj Srivastava from batch-2, Mrs. Manisha Shukla, Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Mr. Varun Kaushik, Mr. Vishwanath Pratap Singh Tomar, Mr. Amar Singh Mahor, Mr. Tejesh Kumar Dwivedi, Ms. Chitra Saxena, Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma, Mr. Upendra Kumar Shriwas, Mr. Brijendra Singh Gaur, Mr. Omprakash Mathur, Mr. Sumat Kumar Jain, Mr. Krishna Kant Srivastava, Mr. Jitendra Singh Kaurav, Mr. Satish Kumar Dubey, Mr. Dharmendra Nayak, Mr. Avadhesh Parashar, Mr. Sanjay Jain, A total of 45 advocates including Mrs. Pushpa Singh, Mr. Anand Sharma, Mr. Girish Kumar Srivastava and Mr. Omprakash Singh Bhadauria successfully received 40 hours of training.

image-50-1024x577 Process of resolving cases on the terms of the parties, in which the role of trained mediators is important - Principal District Judge Shri Gupta

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