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Gangakhed- Picture of the market encroaching on the road


Feb 9, 2024

Parbhani Anil Shete Migrant vegetable market returned to the streets, traders demanded removal of encroachment. In the month of March last year, the vegetable vendors of Gangakhed city were given the name of Sant Janabai’s new vegetable place and a separate space was given to the vegetable and fruit vendors in the old Saturday market. There was a demand for its removal. The market was closed on Monday 5 February after the traders gave a statement to the municipality.

Punyashlok Ahilyabai Holkar was selling vegetables and fruits on carts at places like New Modha Road, Old Modha Bus Station Road etc. Citizens were facing problems due to continuous crowding. Last year in the month of March, the Saturday bull market was shifted to Ranisavargaon Road. The name of Saturday market was changed to Sant Janabai Bhajipal Mandai. In the old Saturday market, vendors were given separate space to sell vegetables and fruits. However, since three to four months, vendors of Sant Janabai vegetable market have encroached on the new, old Modha, bus station market, market level premises and are selling vegetables and fruits. Balasaheb Narhire, Subhash Narayankar, Kamaji Javade, Mahesh Shide, Ram Revanwar, Pradeep Kotalkar, Sheikh Khadir are the signatures of twenty to twenty-five businessmen.

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