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Contaminated water supply to Gangakhed city, that too once in ten days, summer water shortage


Feb 9, 2024

Parbhani (Anil Shete) Gangakhed- On behalf of the municipality, Gangakhed city is supplied with water from Masoli dam and Godavari river. Due to low rainfall this year, there is no abundant water in Masoli and Godavari. There is a crisis of water scarcity in the city. The inaction of the municipality has been questioned. There are many reasons for water scarcity in the city. In it, the failure related to water supply, such as motor burning, failure, failure in the electrical system, etc., is the cause of water scarcity. There is no smooth supply of water. The municipality has a Vindhan well in Godavari river. There are electric pumps in Masoli dam. From both these places, water is supplied to the city every 8 to 10 days. Due to the present supply of contaminated water, the possibility of the citizen’s health cannot be ruled out.

There is no regular water supply as the passenger fault does not leave some municipal supply department. At one time the city was getting water supply five times a day. Water was released. At present, water is supplied only for four days in a month by the municipality. It is not regular and sometimes water is supplied every fortnight. Even though there is a dam at the foot of Ganga in Ushala, the throat of the citizen is getting dry. Citizens are fed up because of this. There is a demand that the municipality should supply clean drinking water every two days.

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