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C. C. I. Kisan Sabha’s demand to buy government cotton with guarantee


Feb 9, 2024

Parbhani (Anil Shete) Gangakhed with guarantee. C. On Monday, on behalf of Kisan Sabha, Chairman of Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Sahebrao Bhosle demanded that government cotton should be procured through AAI. Looting of agricultural goods by traders should be stopped, good quality cotton gets second rate. The ginning operators are obstructing the work of the farmers and extorting money from them by labeling good cotton as bad. The farmer is suffering from drought and there is despair on his part. Farmers are being kept in financial dilemma by paying the price. It is seen that the government is maintaining silence on the injustice being done to the farmers and has given a silent license to the indirect buyers of agricultural produce.

In the present situation, cotton is not getting guaranteed price. There was a huge increase in the cost of production of cotton. Cotton farmers are suffering huge losses due to not getting fair market price. Apart from this, cotton has also been damaged due to unseasonal rains. Traders, buyers and ginning presses are taking advantage of this. Farmers are being looted on a large scale. Cotton is being purchased at a price lower than the guaranteed price. Due to which farmers will fall into financial crisis. To break this dilemma, the Agricultural Produce Market Committee should immediately intervene and start purchasing government cotton through CCI. This statement has the signatures of Omkar Pawar, Sheikh Sarwar Bhai, Yogesh Fad, Laxman Singh Chandel etc.

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