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Transfer of 44 forest officers: Ranthambore’s CCF P. Kathirvel and DCF Mohit Gupta, who came into controversy after the death of the tigress


Feb 7, 2024

Ajmer, Rajasthan (Rajesh Verma) Rajasthan Government has today transferred 44 Indian Forest Officers (IFS) by issuing an order. In this, Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) P. Kathirvel, who was in controversy recently after the death of tigress T-60, has been removed from Ranbhambhore to the post of Chief Conservator of Forest Bharatpur, while in his place, Anup KR, who was running as APO, has been posted as Ranbhambhore. Responsibility has been assigned. The government has also removed Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) Mohit Gupta posted in Ranthambore and appointed Jodhpur DCF. Here Rajeev Chaturvedi has been posted as CCF Jaipur.

In fact, three days ago, Tigress T-60 had died in Ranbhambhore due to lack of treatment. At that time, the irresponsibility of both P. Kathirvel and Mohit Gupta came to light. Both the officers neither paid attention to the health of the tigress nor got her treated by doctors on time. Due to this the tigress died. It is being told that there was a dispute going on between these two for some time. In view of this, the government today removed both of them from here and posted them at another place.

In the orders, Arindam Tomar was removed from the post of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) and animal representative and put in charge of work planning and forest management. Similarly, Rajesh Kumar Gupta, who is running APO, has been appointed as Chief Wildlife Warden. Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (APCCF) Shikha Mehra has been posted at FCA Jaipur. Whereas APCCF Uday Shankar has been given the command of MD in State Forest Development Corporation.

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