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Parbhani Video of treatment of a patient suffering from poison in District General Government Hospital


Feb 7, 2024

Parbhani (Anil Shete) Vrati Bhagar was given as Prasad on the occasion of Ekadashi during the religious program of the week in Sona village of Brahmangaon Parish of Parbhani Taluka. Two hundred people of the village were poisoned by eating Bhagar. The poison patient is undergoing treatment at the Government District General Hospital in Parbhani. This incident started around 9 pm on 6th February, patients of poisoning started coming to the hospital. By 11 pm, two hundred patients came for treatment and the doctors rushed to the district hospital. In this, some patients were sent to private hospitals.
Due to Ekadashi on Tuesday, the devotees of Sona village were observing fast. A weekly religious program was going on in the village. Cooked Bhagri was distributed as Prasad in this week’s religious program. Meanwhile, after an hour or two, some people started feeling vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness after eating runny food. After two-three hours the number of patients increased. The relatives of the poison victims were taking them to Parbhani General District Hospital for treatment. At this time the number of patients was so high, close to two hundred, and the pressure on the doctors to treat the patients increased, so a crowd began to form in the hospital. There was a crowd in the hospital with the patient and the relatives accompanying the patient. Some of these patients were serious and many patients were shifted from this hospital to private hospitals. As soon as the administration got information about the incident, officials from the Collector’s Office and the Superintendent of Police’s office went to the District General Hospital and cooperated in the health arrangements. Provide proper treatment to the patient. The serious incident of poisoning of two hundred people in the same village created a stir in the district.

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