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Young man saved from drowning while bathing in Shipra river


Feb 6, 2024

Ujjain Geetkar Damodar Virmaal 05 February. District Commandant Home Guard Mr. Santosh Kumar Jat said that on Monday, February 5, SDERF soldiers were diligently performing their duty at Ramghat, while at 8.30 in the morning a young man started drowning in the middle of the river while taking bath at Ramghat. The soldier Mr. Jitendra Chandel, on duty, who was drowning, 20-year-old Ramesh Jatav, a resident of Guna, took immediate action, jumped into the river and with the help of a lifebuoy, pulled the youth out of the water and provided first aid and saved him safely. District Commander Shri Jat said that 30 Home Guard soldiers are deployed at Ramghat 24 hours in three shifts along with water boats and disaster equipment and in such water-borne incidents, immediate action is taken to prevent loss of life. Shri Jat encouraged soldier Shri Jitendra Chandel for his courageous act and rewarded him with cash.

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