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Review meeting of the proposed works of Simhastha-2028 was organized in the presence of public representatives and administrative officials


Feb 6, 2024

Ujjain Geetkar Damodar Virmaal 05 February. On Monday, a review meeting of the proposed works under Simhastha 2028 was organized in the conference room of the Administrative Complex building in the presence of public representatives and administrative officials. MLA Mr. Anil Jain Kaluhera, Mayor Mr. Mukesh Tatwal, Municipal Corporation President Mrs. Kalavati Yadav, UDA President Mr. Shyam Bansal, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Sanjay Goyal, Collector Mr. Neeraj Kumar Singh and officials of related departments were present in the meeting.

During the review of proposed road construction and widening works under Simhastha 2028 in the meeting, MLA Shri Jain said that widening of Sadawal Marg should also be included in the proposed works. The Divisional Commissioner directed that the construction of the proposed routes should be done from the budget of the concerned department only.

The Divisional Commissioner directed that the work plan for the construction works should be made in such a way that the general public does not face any kind of inconvenience. All drawings made for construction works under Simhastha should be digitized. In the meeting, the works related to the proposed drinking water system and cleanliness were reviewed in view of Simhastha. Apart from this, electricity supply, new museums, centers of excellence, health services, development of tourist places, parks, fountains and beautification works were reviewed.

During the review of police and law and order, the Divisional Commissioner directed that mainly a command and control room should be made in Simhastha from where the entire system can be inspected and from where necessary guidelines should be issued from time to time. Police and smart city should work in mutual coordination regarding setting up the control room. Regular training of police force should be organized one year before Simhastha.

In the meeting, MLA Shri Jain said that there is a great need for multilevel parking in Daulatganj area. A formal proposal should be made for this. Apart from this, DPR should also be prepared for the development works to be done at Panchkroshi halt sites.

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