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mediator should consider all the aspects and resolve the cases on the basis of his knowledge and experience – Principal District Judge Mr. Gupta


Feb 6, 2024

Gwalior Geetkar Damodar Virmaal Five-day training started to teach the nuances of mediation to the advocates. Keeping in mind the increasing number of cases in the courts, this mechanism has been prepared for resolving the cases through mediation. Trained mediators try to resolve the issues through mutual understanding and analysis by understanding and analyzing the disputes between the parties. Therefore, it is necessary to give proper training to the mediator. It is through training that the simple process of mediation between two parties is explained, so that the mediator can easily resolve the issue amicably by understanding the issue thoroughly and knowing the real cause of the dispute. This view was expressed by Principal District Judge and Chairman District Legal Services Authority Mr. PC Gupta.

Chief Justice Shri Gupta was addressing the inaugural session of the training program for advocates being organized by the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee, Supreme Court, New Delhi under the joint auspices of Madhya Pradesh State Legal Services Authority, Jabalpur and District Legal Services Authority, Gwalior. This training program is being organized at Radiance Hotel from 5th to 9th February.

In the inaugural session of the mediation training program of about 40 hours, Chief Justice Shri Gupta said that the mediator should use his knowledge, experience and training while considering all the aspects of the case while resolving the case through mediation.

On this occasion, MCPC Supreme Court New Delhi trainers Mrs. Neena Khare, Mr. Ashok Kumar Ray, Mrs. Giribala Singh, Mr. Shahid Mohammad and District Legal Aid Officer Mr. Deepak Sharma along with Advocates’ Association and employees of District Legal Services Authority were present. Two batches of 25 advocates each are being trained through this training programme.
The first batch was taught the intricacies of mediation techniques by MCPC trainers Mrs. Neena Khare and Mr. Ashok Kumar Ray and the second batch was taught the intricacies of mediation techniques by MCPC Supreme Court New Delhi trainers Mrs. Giribala Singh and Mr. Shahid Mohammad. Besides, detailed training will also be given on the process to be followed by the mediator, cases suitable for mediation etc.

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