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Dr. Vikrant Bhuria, BJP government is betraying the trust of tribals by including 207 crores of development money for tribals in other items.


Feb 6, 2024

Jhabua Rahim Sherani The BJP government is openly playing with the interests of the tribals by giving their rights to someone else, the latest example of which is that on the instructions of the BJP government, an order was issued by the Finance Department in February this month, which provides for the education of the tribals, health and their areas. In 2017, the amount of Tribal Sub Plan to be spent on development works and education and health was transferred to other departments. 207 crores!

The BJP government has openly dealt with the tribals and done injustice to them.
making the above allegation
Jhabua MLA State Youth Congress President Dr. Vikrant Bhuria said that BJP is limiting the tribals to a vote bank, leave alone making an action plan for the development of the tribals, a game of corruption is being played by distributing their share of money which is This will not be tolerated. BJP has always been robbing the rights of tribals. He said that to get the votes of tribals in the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav are coming to mislead the tribals and tribal farmers in their election promises. It had claimed to include unemployed poor women in its priorities, but the government could not make any provision in the budget for the real and proper upliftment of these classes. The government’s focus in the budget has been on making the unemployed youth indebted instead of providing direct employment. There is no progressiveness and no innovation. The government, suffering from election fears, has presented a defensive budget.

Jhabua MLA Dr. Vikrant Bhuria has demanded that the amount of Rs. 207 crores to be spent for the welfare of tribals should be included in the development works in the tribal areas of the state. Stop misleading the tribals, otherwise Congress will be forced to take to the streets and protest.

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