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House of an elderly couple, Khedkar, in Rajedrapeth street of Gangakhed city caught fire due to gas Time videos of the fire brigade controlling the fire


Feb 5, 2024

Gangakhed (Anil Shete) A fire broke out in a house in Rajedrapeth street of Gangakhed city while turning on the gas for cooking. A fridge and other items got burnt, causing a loss of about Rs 50 thousand. The incident is of 5th February. Around 9 in the morning.

The elderly couple lives in Rajedrapeth street in Chhatrapati Shivaji Chowk area of Khedkar city. Nandkumar Khedkar’s wife lit cylinder gas to clean herself. Meanwhile the cylinder gas caught fire. At present fireman Ram Vilas Khandelwar lives in the same street. He immediately reached the spot. The fire was controlled with ABC spray. After the fire, firefighters immediately reached the spot. He brought the fire in the house under control. A major disaster was averted due to the prompt action of firefighters. There was loss of property worth about Rs 50 thousand in the house due to burning. Ram Vilas Khandelwar, Sham Jagatkar, Shrikant Salve, Abhijeet Salve, Suraj Khandelwar etc. of Municipal Council Fire Brigade controlled the fire.

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