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Even today in Rajasthan, this Nat community is far away from education, daughters do this work to run the house


Feb 5, 2024

Ajmer, Rajasthan (Rajesh Verma) In the Nat community, more happiness is celebrated on the birth of daughters. Far away from education, this caste performs their traditional tricks for their livelihood. In today’s time, the whole world is moving rapidly towards development. Even in such a time, people of Nat caste are supporting themselves and their families by performing tricks on the streets. If seen from one perspective, the daughters of this family are the head and earning members of the family. Generally people celebrate the birth of a son but in this society happiness is celebrated on the birth of a daughter.

Daughters in Nat caste run the household

In the Nat caste, as soon as the daughters learn to walk, they are taught to perform tricks on the rope. Through this feat, she supports her family by playing in the streets. They are married after they gain weight and reach adolescence. The purpose of marrying at an early age is that the daughters born in the next generation can also play sports and run their families. These families do not get anything in the name of government schemes, due to which these families do not have any permanent residence and they keep wandering in different states.

This caste is far away from education

This family, living below the poverty line, wanders around in different states in a small vehicle carrying their essential goods and shows sports. The daughters of these families also want to study but their talent is suppressed in the name of tradition. Young children also collect donations with a plate after the game, but this too is far from education. The names of these families are neither in the voter list nor are they included in the census. These people are residents of Chhattisgarh and Bihar and keep roaming across the country.

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