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Yoga has a positive impact on the quality of work life and physical, emotional and health of police employees” – Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey”Yoga Bhushan


Feb 4, 2024

Datia Gulshan Paruthi Induction training program of police employees is being conducted at Police Lines Ground, Datia, under the direction of Superintendent of Police, Pradeep Sharma. Today in the said training, Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey, “Yogbhushan” District Yoga In-charge, Datia, was present as the guest in the said training. Be present in. Expressing his views, you said that police personnel are the guardians of law and order within the state. The complex nature of criminal cases and the increasing number of crimes create difficulties and challenges for criminals and police personnel. Police officers and staff require special skills and abilities to carry out their responsibilities, working long hours in a highly stressful environment, and heavy workloads are part of their daily routine. Which has an adverse effect on their physical, emotional, intellectual and mental health. In such circumstances, if police officers and employees make yoga activities and meditation a part of their life, then they will remain healthy and healthy, physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally. And can achieve lasting peace spiritually. Dr. Dubey, with his address, calmed the problems and curiosities of the police trainees by discussing and various types of preliminary yoga exercises like relaxation exercises, Tadasana, Chakrasana, initial stage of meditation. Got practiced. After this, simple yogic activities were explained for the diagnosis of obesity, knee pain, respiratory diseases, blood pressure, constipation, acidity, discipline and self-control, small psychosomatic problems and tips were given to live a healthy life. Said that Yoga is eternal, eternal, a holistic way of life, Yoga teaches how to live a life.
Now yoga has become a global movement. Yoga embraces the entire world as a family. In the nectar of independence, only through Yoga, India has been able to present the spirit of a superior India to the world. On this occasion, 40 police personnel, senior Officer and training in-charge Anil Kirade etc. were present.

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