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Selection of All India Customer Panchayat Taluka President Janardhan Gavargand City President Syed Salim Suhagankar


Feb 3, 2024

News Parbhani Rajkumar Munde All India Consumer Panchayat elected Janardan Avargand as full taluka president and Radhatai Dudhate as women taluka president. Atmaram Ambore was present as the president, while Devagiri province president Vilas More, district organizer Dharaji Bhusare, lawyer Miratai Shelgaonkar, Gangadhar Kanekar, Madhukar Mule and other dignitaries were present as chief guests at the function held at Tadakalas on February 2. . Syed Salim Syed Suhagankar was elected Purna City President in the presence of dignitaries.

Also on this occasion, the branch executive was announced in Tadkalas. Uttam Ambore is the branch president, Gyanraj Ambore is the secretary, Atmaram Ambore is the organizer, Vijayamala Kadam is the vice president, Salagar Surendra Ambore is the treasurer, Shailja Suryavanshi is the treasurer, Kavita Phulware, Chitratai Kasture, Varsha Kankute, Meena Avtare, Amol Ambore, Karim Khan are was appointed. Pathan etc. were elected. On this occasion, Vilas More gave detailed information to the customers about the fraud being done to them and what they should do to avoid fraud and about the Consumer Protection Act. It was conducted by Surendra Ambore, proposer Janardan Avargand and vote of thanks was done by Uttam Ambore.

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