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Fire broke out due to short circuit in grocery shop, goods worth Rs 50 lakh burnt, incident in Ranisavargaon


Feb 3, 2024

Parbhani (Anil Shete) Giri Balaji grocery store located in front of Buldhana Back on Palam Road, Ranisavargaon was burnt to ashes due to short circuit on Saturday, February 3 at around 4:30 pm.

A fire broke out due to short circuit in Giri Balaji Kiran shop of Swapnil Katkamwar in front of Buldhana Back on Palam Road in Ranisavargaon taluka. A citizen going for a morning walk informed the shop owner about the incident of fire in the shop. Fire brigade was called. There is a possibility of this fire spreading to other shops. In such a situation, three fire brigades from Ahmedpur Municipality, Gangakhed Municipality and Seven G Sugar of Latur district were called to control the fire.

In this fire, cans of goldflake, cans of Parle biscuits, cans of parachute oil bottles, mugdal, chandal, sugar, rice, nutmeg, shabudana, paddy etc. were burnt. Apart from this, shops selling cloves, cardamom, betel nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, washing soda, body soap etc. and other grocery shops were burnt causing loss of about Rs.

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