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Women and Child Development Minister Ms. Nirmala Bhuria’s message to students should compete with themselves for success


Feb 2, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) Women and Child Development Minister Ms. Nirmala Bhuria, while encouraging the students appearing for the board exams from 5th February, has said that to achieve success at every turn of life, they should work with determination and full dedication.

He said that the fear of examination remains in everyone’s mind but we have to overcome this fear. For success, one should compete with oneself and not with anyone else.

Minister Ms. Bhuria said that many times it happens that we do not get results as per our expectations and we get disappointed and give up. In Madhya Pradesh, students who have failed in the examination for any reason need not be disappointed, because students are given a chance to re-appear in the examination under the ‘Ruk Jana Nahi’ scheme. He said that like always, this time also Prime Minister Narendra Modi had communicated with the children to save them from exam stress.

Emphasizing on time management, Prime Minister Modi said that always reach the examination hall before time, take deep breaths, this will not make you feel stressed.
Always read the question paper and schedule time to solve them. Women and Child Development Minister Ms. Bhuria, while advising the parents of the students, said that they should not burden their children with their expectations.
Every child is unique and has different abilities. To ensure that children do not get stressed due to exams, parents should encourage them by having positive conversations with them during this period and tell them what importance they have in your life. While wishing the children all the best for the examination, Mrs. Bhuria said that this is the time only for preparation for the examination. Leave negativity and take the exam with self-confidence and achieve success.

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