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One day Gram Panchayat sensitization workshop organized in Block Bhinay


Feb 1, 2024

Ajmer, Rajasthan (Rajesh Verma) A one-day training program on the subject Gram Panchayat Sensitization was organized at the Panchayat Samiti Headquarters, Bhinay, under the joint aegis of Bureau of Indian Standards Jaipur and Ajmer District Rural Consumer Institute Masuda in Bhinay sub-division of the district.The program took place under the chief hospitality of Shri Karan Singh Jodha Development Officer, Shri Budhraj Kumhar Additional Development Officer, Shri Ajit Kavadiya Assistant Development Officer. In the workshop, Raghavendra Singh Resource Person, Bureau of Indian Standards, Jaipur gave complete information about the various activities organized by the Bureau of Indian Standards, Jaipur. He told that more than 23000 standards have been set by the Bureau of Indian Standards for various products, along with this, standardization, conformity assessment, Explained in detail about laboratory, jewelery hallmarking, types of standards, important standards for Gram Panchayats.

Raghavendra Singh told the participants present that to get information about standards and licenses, common people in rural areas can get information online on various online platforms like BIS website, BIS Care App, Know Your Standards, BIS Varta etc. as well as make purchases. During this period, consumers should purchase gold jewelery only after seeing the hallmarking and ISI mark of Bureau of Indian Standards on various products. All the members present in the program were downloaded the BIS Care App on their mobile phones and were given detailed information about the ISI Mark and Hallmarking available through the app.

image-13-1024x576 One day Gram Panchayat sensitization workshop organized in Block Bhinay

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