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9147 people had applied for Haj from the state including the capital Bhopal, selection was done through randomized digital process


Feb 1, 2024

Haj pilgrims from 19 other states will go directly to Haj, lottery for selection in MP among 12 states. Jhabua Rahim Sherani 6 thousand 790 people from the state will go on the holy journey of Haj. Mumbai-based Central Haj Committee organized Kurra through a randomized digital process.

Information is being sent to the selected candidates through message.

According to the information, 9147 people from the state had applied for Haj pilgrimage. On Monday, the Central Haj Committee along with the Central Haj Committee selected the people going for the pilgrimage through Kurra Andaji.

This process took place for those states where the number of Haj applications was more than the fixed quota.

Out of more than nine thousand applications, 6790 people have been selected in the state.

2397 have been kept in the waiting list.

Good news Hajj-2024
■ Haj pilgrims from 19 other states will also go directly to Haj.
■ There will be lottery for selection in 12 states.
Haj pilgrims from 19 other states of the country will also go directly to perform Haj. Apart from this, lottery will be held for the selection of Haj pilgrims in only 12 states of the country. This year, out of 1 lakh 75 thousand 25 seats that India got, 1 lakh 40 thousand 20 seats have come in the share of Haj Committees of State and Union Territories.

72 women choose to travel without Mehram

image-14-931x1024 9147 people had applied for Haj from the state including the capital Bhopal, selection was done through randomized digital process

72 women have been selected to go on the Yatra without Mehram. This system started in the last few years. Earlier, women were allowed to travel only with a relative.

81 thousand rupees will have to be deposited as first installment

Each selected Haj pilgrim has to deposit Rs 81 thousand as the first installment. Central Haj Committee has issued account numbers for this. The last date for depositing the installment has been fixed as 15th February.

About three thousand less applications were received

Compared to last year, this year there has been a decline in the number of candidates applying for Ista Haj Yatra. This time around three thousand applications have come less. However, the quota for Haj pilgrimage has increased.

Passengers reduced due to complications of the process

Mohammad Taufeeq of All India Haj Welfare Society said that there were many complications during the Haj pilgrimage process last year. Due to which many passengers were troubled. There was a difference of forty to fifty thousand rupees in expenditure between the two embarkation points. Passengers had to worry about real exchange.

How much does Hajj cost?

After determining the states’ quota for Haj pilgrimage 2024, it has been announced how many people have been allowed to perform Haj pilgrimage. How much does it cost to go on Haj pilgrimage? Who can go on Haj pilgrimage, read this news to know the answers to all these questions-
For Haj pilgrimage in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, one has to register first. This registration is done by the Haj Committee of the state. While applying for Haj Baitullah, passport size photo, Aadhar card, certificate of two doses of corona vaccine and canceled check of the bank account of the group leader have to be given.

Who can go for Haj and there are two ways to go for Haj
To go to Haj it is necessary to be a Muslim. There are also some rules regarding Sharia Mahram of women. Some rules related to flight also have to be followed. And Haj pilgrims go to Haj in two ways. With the help of Haj Committee and through private tours.

Benefits of Hajj Policy
The government provides some help under the Haj policy. Now there is no charge for luggage like bags, suitcases, umbrellas etc.

how much does it cost
The entire Haj pilgrimage takes 40 days, out of which one has to stay in Medina for 10 days and follow different traditions on different days. While some people go for Hajj for three days. They perform Hajj on days 8,9,10. On an average, one has to pay Rs 3 to 3.5 lakh for Haj pilgrimage. Private Haj pilgrimage costs around Rs 5 lakh. For Haj pilgrimage year 2024, Rs 2 lakh 51 thousand will have to be deposited in two installments. Information about the amount of the last and third installment will be given later by Haj Committee of India. In the year 2023, the expenditure of one Haji on Haj pilgrimage was approximately Rs 3.60 lakh.

image-15-866x1024 9147 people had applied for Haj from the state including the capital Bhopal, selection was done through randomized digital process

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