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Diesel truck meant for railway was stolen in Purna.Nanded IPF, CBI teams caught in Dethna


Jan 31, 2024

Parbhani Rajkumar Munde district Purna railway station is considered to be the main railway station in Nanded division of Southern Railway. Railways has a big diesel depot in this railway station area. It can be seen that operations were also carried out while taking diesel from here. This diesel depot is run secretly, but citizens say that due to such action, theft cases were often suppressed. Number MH 21 B H 39 44 truck was brought to the diesel depot located in Purna, the truck was also registered, but this truck was taken illegally without emptying it in the depot, but due to police surveillance, Bhetna Police. The truck was seized by IPF CBI in the area for further action. The truck was handed over and kept at the Railway Protection Force office in Purna. The accused has been produced in Aurangabad court and further action is being taken. While talking to the media, IPF CPI said that the case of diesel theft is not the first incident and it is being said that such incidents have happened many times through illegal means. .Questions are being raised from the common people whether they will take strict action against diesel thieves. The case of diesel theft is a huge racket in which big officers have earned crores of rupees and left after transfer but no stone has been left unturned in the action. Randomly only on the poor and workers. Will action be taken in the right direction? There is a strong discussion about this among the citizens.

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