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Demand to release water in the right canal


Jan 31, 2024

Gangakhed (Anil Shete) This year the Kharif season was ruined due to drought in Gangakhed taluka. It became difficult to meet farming expenses during the Rabi season. There is shortage of drinking water in summer. There is a demand to release water in the right canal of Jayakwadi so that water can be available for summer tea and animals. Due to decrease in the production of many crops including sunflower and millet, it has become difficult for the farmers to meet their expenses. The livelihood of farmers depended on the Rabi season. Due to rain in Rabi season, Rabi crops like jowar, kardi, harbara, linseed, wheat etc. are in danger. Harbara, jowar, wheat are known as cash crops. To provide fodder and drinking water to the animals in summer, at least three cycles of water should be released from the right canal of Jaikwadi, such a demand is coming from the farmers.

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