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New batch started for senior officers of municipal corporations in IIM Indore


Jan 30, 2024

Indore (Geetkar Damodar Virmaal) Thirty-seven senior officers from across the country are participating in the four-day program under the Center of Excellence ‘Anveshan’ of IIM Indore. A new batch of customized management development program has started in the Center of Excellence ‘Anveshan’ of IIM Indore. Organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), the program aims to develop professional development and strategic leadership skills in the areas of urban waste management. Director of IIM Indore, Prof. Himanshu Rai inaugurated the batch on 30 January. It includes 37 senior officials from different states. On this occasion Prof. Subin Sudhir, Chair-Executive Education and Prof. Shruti Tiwari, Program Coordinator was also present. This batch includes officers from Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tripura, Leh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. These include Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Mission Director, Municipal Commissioner, Chief Officer, Chief Health Officer, Joint Secretary etc.

In his inaugural address, Prof. While discussing the program ‘One Date, One Hour, One Saath’, Rai said that the Swachh Bharat initiative has now reached a very big level. It has made a deep impact on the landscape of India. He said that on one date, one hour, together, more than 8 crore people contributed to cleanliness at more than 9 lakh places and demonstrated the power of public participation. Praising the officers, Prof. Rai said, ‘The credit for the success of such efforts goes to your effective leadership and dedication towards Swachh Bharat.’ He emphasized the essence of self-leadership, and urged one to become a leader in one’s own right, regardless of one’s authority. Pro. Rai emphasized on transforming groups into cohesive teams by uniting around a common purpose and goal for effective team building. ‘Develop a leadership style that promotes collaboration and conversation, assigning leadership roles in rotation to empower each team member,’ he advised. He encouraged the value of consensus-driven decision-making and collective accountability to achieve shared outcomes.

Welcoming the new batch, Prof. Subin Sudhir said that during the four-day programme, participants will discuss a wide range of topics important for effective urban growth management. Pro. Shruti Tiwari mentioned that senior executives will gain essential skills through sessions with faculty and industry experts. This will help them deal with contemporary challenges in urban governance and development.Prof. Soumya Ranjan Dash will give insight into the budgeting, resource allocation and financial planning required for sustainable urban projects in the Financial Management session. Ms Bettina Duran, GIZ advisor, will introduce participants to biogas production, and present innovative solutions for waste management and renewable energy generation. Legacy Dumpsite Remediation will be addressed by Mr. Himanshu Chaturvedi, Director, KPMG, and will offer strategies to reduce environmental threats and revitalize contaminated sites.

Mr. Nishant Kumar, Operations Manager, Ever Enviro, will highlight Waste to Energy and RDF management from the private sector perspective. Sessions on Project Management, Resource Planning and Allocation, and Behavior Change and Public Participation were led by Prof. IIM Indore. Harshal Lowlekar and Prof. Will be conducted by Shruti Tiwari. These sessions will provide critical skills in project execution, resource optimization and stakeholder engagement, which are critical for successful urban development. Ms. Harshika Singh, IAS, Commissioner, Indore Municipal Corporation, will discuss the emerging priorities for implementation under SBM 2.0, and guide the participants in aligning the strategies with the National Urban Development Goals. Additionally, Mr. Sasank Velidandla, Director of WASHI, will discuss the changing face of Indian public toilets. Mr. Virendra Mane, Head of City Operations, Indore, will share insights about MRF Automated. Shri Karthik Agarwal, Deputy Director, Department of Economic Affairs, will highlight on promoting cooperation, public-private partnerships for sustainable urban development. Representatives of Municipal Corporation Ambikapur will discuss regarding improving the efficiency of decentralized collection and transportation. The objective of this program is to equip the participants with a holistic understanding of urban management challenges and solutions, empowering them to bring about impactful change in their respective domains and contribute effectively to the urban development agenda of the country.

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