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Drug de-addiction program organized by the Department of Social Justice and Disability Empowerment


Jan 30, 2024

Jhabua Rahim Sherani On the occasion of Jhabua Alcohol Prohibition Resolution Day, the Department of Social Justice and Disability Empowerment, in collaboration with Brahma Kumaris, organized a drug de-addiction program at the passenger waiting room located at the bus stand. At the beginning of the program, the guests were welcomed with tilak and flowers. After that the lamp was lit by the guests.

After this, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Harishankar Vishwakarma and other guests present on the stage made the common people aware about drugs and administered an oath not to consume drugs.
This was explained in detail by the Deputy Director Social Justice and Disability Empowerment Department. In the exhibition, information was provided about the ill effects of drug addiction from its beginning to its end. The main attraction center of this exhibition was a Havan Kund, in which any person who pledges to give up any kind of addiction on this Madhya Pradesh Prohibition Resolution Day, can bring a symbolic object related to his addiction by putting it in the Havan Kund. Get married and start a new life. Brahma Kumari Jayanti Didi, while addressing the community present on the occasion of Prohibition of Alcohol Day, said that through spirituality one gets freedom from addiction in life. He said that when we decide to follow the path that we have set in life, then it is natural that obstacles will come and we have to resolve these obstacles too. Our positive resolutions provide us energy and the same negative resolutions increase our confusion. And when confusion comes in life then the person turns towards addiction and turning towards addiction causes harm in four ways to body, mind and wealth, hence the call of the present time is to boost your morale by connecting your mind with spirituality i.e. meditation for some time. increase the
During this, Additional Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Dinesh Verma, Tehsildar Jhabua Sanjay Garg, District CEO P.C. Verma, Didiya of Brahma Kumaris, social worker Yashwant Bhandari and general public were present at the passenger waiting room.

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