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Lok Sabha elections may change the face of some of the eight seats, eye on tribal youth


Jan 29, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) After the assembly in Malwa-Nimar, BJP is also indicating to experiment here regarding the Lok Sabha elections. BJP can again field new faces. Due to this, the seats of SC and ST category are being monitored.

Malwa-Nimar has been considered the route to power in Madhya Pradesh. The party which has a strong presence here is in power.

BJP understood this basic mantra very well due to which it gave its full strength in the elections.

The result was that 48 out of 66 seats were captured, now the party has started preparations for the Lok Sabha elections.

It is being told that every seat is being monitored from Delhi and the activities of the MP are also being monitored.

3 SC, 2 SC seats:

There are total eight Lok Sabha seats in Malwa-Nimar.

In which Dhar, Barwani, and Ratlam-Jhabua seats are reserved for ST category.

Whereas Dewas and Ujjain belong to SC category.

Indore, Khandwa and Mandsaur seats are normal.

Understand the mathematics of Lok Sabha in this way

Indore Lok Sabha
Current MP: Shankar Lalwani Margin of victory in 2019: 5,46,556

2023 Assembly Results: BJP won all of the eight assembly constituencies in the Lok Sabha.

Mandsaur Lok Sabha
Current MP: Sudhir Gupta Margin of victory in 2019: 3,75,416

2023 Assembly Result:

Of the eight assembly constituencies in the Lok Sabha, BJP won seven and Congress won one.

Dewas Lok Sabha (SC) Current MP: Mahendsingh Solanki 2019 Margin of victory: 3,70,951 2023 Assembly result: BJP captures all eight assemblies.

Ujjain Lok Sabha
SC Current MP: Anil Firoziya 2019 Margin of victory: 3,64,698 2023

Assembly result: Eight Lok Sabha constituencies
In the assemblies, Congress won two seats and BJP MLAs won six seats.

Khandwa Lok Sabha
Current MP: Dnyaneshwar Patil Margin of victory in by-election 2021: 82,140

2023 Assembly Result:
BJP won seven out of eight Lok Sabha seats while Congress won one ST seat.

Khargone Lok Sabha ST Current MP: Gajendsingh Patel Margin of victory in 2019: 2,02,115

2023 Assembly Result:
It won three out of eight Lok Sabha constituencies, out of which Congress MLAs were elected on five.

Dhar Lok Sabha
ST Current MP: Chhatar Singh Margin of victory in 2019: 1,55,338

2023 Assembly Results: Out of the eight assemblies coming to the Lok Sabha, BJP won three and had to face defeat in five.

Ratlam- Jhabua Lok Sabha ST Current MP: Guman Singh Damor Margin of victory in 2019: 89,834

2023 Assembly Result:
Out of the eight constituencies in the Lok Sabha, the BJP won five, while the Congress won two and the Bharat Adivasi Party candidate won in Sailana.

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