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Ganja was being hidden in CNG tank in Morena, two smugglers arrested, worth Rs 4 lakh


Jan 29, 2024

Morena (Pavan Paruthi) Banmor police station of the district has got a big success today. On the information of an informer, the police have arrested two smugglers with a consignment of ganja. Smugglers were carrying packets of marijuana hidden in the CNG tank. The police recovered ganja worth Rs 4 lakh by cutting the pipe with the help of a gas cutter. The smugglers were going towards Haryana to deliver ganja. The police have registered a case against the caught smugglers under the NDPS Act and have kept them in lockup.

They were carrying ganja in Honda City.

Banmor police station in-charge Mangal Singh Papola, located on National Highway-44 of the district, got information through an informer that on Monday afternoon, two smugglers were going to leave from Banmor Bypass Road in a Honda City car with a consignment of ganja. On this information, the station in-charge along with his team set up a checking point on the highway. After some time, the police saw a Honda City car coming. As soon as it came near, the soldiers signaled it to stop. As soon as the driver saw the signal from the police, he parked the car on the roadside. As soon as the car stopped, the soldiers took out the two youths traveling in it. After this they started searching the car.

Police recovered ganja worth about Rs 4 lakh

When the police looked at the CNG tank kept in the trunk of the car, it was seen kept in a strange position. When the police picked it up and looked, there was no connection to its engine. As soon as the suspicion grew stronger, the police cut the tank with the help of a gas cutter and found packets of ganja coming out from inside it. On weighing, it was found to be about 42 kg 750 grams of ganja. The police caught both the smugglers along with the consignment of ganja and took them to the police station. After interrogation here, a case has been registered against both the smugglers and they have been kept in lockup.
According to Banmaur police station in-charge Mangal Singh Papola, the smugglers were going towards Haryana with the consignment of ganja. The market value of the recovered ganja has been estimated to be around Rs 4 lakh. TI Mangal Singh Papola says that on the information of informer, two smugglers have been caught with a consignment of ganja today. A case has been registered against him and he has been lodged in the lockup.

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