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Two thousand new dial 100 will run in Madhya Pradesh, Supreme Court issued order, new company can handle the work by March


Jan 28, 2024

Bhopal (Pavan Paruthi) State Bureau the matter of operation of new Dial-100 vehicles in the state has been settled by the Supreme Court. The new company is expected to take over the work by March. After this the new Dial-100 vehicles will start running. Currently, due to contaminated vehicles, 100 to 150 vehicles out of a thousand remain unfit all the time. After the new company gets the responsibility, new vehicles will arrive. Also, the number of vehicles will be increased from one thousand to two thousand in a phased manner. Presently Tata Safari vehicles are running, in their place Innova vehicles will run in the city and Bolero vehicles will run in rural areas. Police Headquarters officials said that a proposal has been sent to the government for permission to operate the new company. Let us tell you that the tenure of the currently functioning BVG company has completed in 2020 itself, but due to the absence of a new company, it has been extended for three years. His tenure has been extended for six months each.

When BVG company was disqualified for not meeting the conditions in the new tender, the company filed a petition in the High Court and then in the Supreme Court. Here also the decision was not in favor of the company. After this it was decided to hand over the operations to a Hyderabad company. The company will start working after getting the approval from the government.

doubled operating amount

A tender worth Rs 690 crore was floated in September 2022 for the operation of Dial-100 vehicles in the state, but with the progress of time this amount has now increased to Rs 1350 crore. Police Headquarters officials say that with the progress of time, some new facilities have also been added, due to which the cost of operation has increased.

These facilities will increase when the new company comes.

Currently one thousand vehicles are running. Their number will be increased by 200 vehicles every year to 2000. Policemen deployed in vehicles will be given body-worn cameras so that the incident site can be recorded. The exact location of the caller will be taken through GPS. For this, cooperation of private map provider will be taken.

There will be such a facility in which the policemen of dial-100 will not know the number of the caller. The capacity of the call center will be increased from 80 to 100 seaters. The company was given the responsibility of operation for the first five years, which is being extended to six years.

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