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Consecration of Father Peter Kharadi


Jan 27, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) After a long gap, Pope Francis Rome appointed Rev. Father Peter Kharadi as the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Jhabua on 30 December 2023. This was announced at 4:30 pm Indian time and all the Christian followers celebrated.

Today, on January 27, 2024, his religious rites were performed as per the rituals by Bishop Abhishek, Archbishop of Bhopal, A. Durairaj SVD.

At 9 am at Dilip Gate, Jhabua, the newly appointed Bishop Kharadi and the Archbishops and Bishops present at the program were welcomed as per Bhil culture.

They were taken to the Grand Church in Jhabua on an open jeep decorated with Dhol Mandal and Bhili dance.

Many people of the society followed him in a grand procession and reached the church courtyard.

All the priests and bishops entered the cathedral with an entry dance in the church courtyard.

The chief priest of the Holy Mass was Archbishop A. Durairaj and he was accompanied by Bishop Chacko TJ and Bishop Devprasad Ganawa.

Along with them, Archbishop Thomas Makwan of Gandhi Nagar Gujarat, former Bishop of Bhopal Leo Cornilio, Bishop Sebastian of Ujjain, Bishop James of Sagar, Bishop Joseph of Satna, Bishop Ratnaswamy of Ahmedabad, Bishop Gerald of Jabalpur and Bishop Sebastian of Baroda participated. Archbishop Thomas Makwan of Gujarat delivered the sermon.

image-149 Consecration of Father Peter Kharadi

The sacrament of consecration began during the Holy Mass.

Father Sylvester Maida and Father Kennedy presented Father Peter Kharadi to become Bishop.

Then the appointment order of Pope Francis of Rome was presented and read out in front of the entire gathering. This appointment order was brought to the sacred altar with respectful Bheeli dance.

Then the bishops prayed for them also. His head was anointed with holy oil.

He was given a crown made of cloth on his head, a ring on his finger and a judicial power in his hand. All the bishops kissed the hands of Bishop Peter Kharadi, after which all the priests working in Jhabua Diocese also kissed the hands of the new Bishop Peter Kharadi.

With this ordination he became the fourth Bishop of Jhabua Diocese.

After the completion of the Holy Mass, a felicitation program was organised.

In which all the special guests present were welcomed and felicitated as per Bhili customs. About 200 priests, 400 religious sisters and 8 thousand religious followers from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh participated in the present religious ceremony. Keeping in view the security arrangements, entry of people was ensured through only one route. Gate passes were provided to all the people. Other religious people who were invited as guests were also given entry with the pass.
Political and administrative officials were also present among the special guests.

image-150 Consecration of Father Peter Kharadi

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